Baja Nights Scarf

Scarf season is upon us, and I find them to be extremely fun to make. I love the fun colors in this 100% cotton scarf, now on my Etsy!

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Pattern Review: Red Heart One-Ball Ripple Scarf

I’ve never crocheted a ripple pattern before. I’ve seen them in afghans, I’ve recognized them as traditional, but I’ve never had much success with them. This yarn has been in my stash for awhile. I fell in love with it, paid a little more for it, and decided I was going to make something for myself with it, but I didn’t know what that was.

I was browsing Ravelry on Sunday when I found it. Red Heart’s One-Ball Ripple Scarf Crochet Pattern. It was perfect to show off the colorways.

I used a larger crochet hook than recommended, an M since my L is stuck in a bag somewhere with an unfinished project. The yarn is Yarn Bee’s Aurora Borealis Twist in Blue Mountain. The pattern was easy to follow, and after the first row I didn’t even look back at it. It memorized easily. I absolutely love this scarf and the pattern gets an easy 4 stars.


One Skein of Sock Yarn, Now What?

I’m always on the lookout for yarn sales, so when I found an opportunity to get six or eight skeins of sock yarn at a very good price, I went for it…….and wound up with one skein of each different color. And most of the time it takes two skeins to make a pair of socks.

So now what?

Now the search for patterns that use one solitary skein of sock yarn.

First up, the Easy Peasy Yoga Pilates Socks from Six Degrees Arts! These look like the perfect introduction to knitting socks, seeing as the most difficult part, the heel, isn’t included. I’ve been a little timid about sock knitting, but this looks like a fun way to ease myself into it.

These Faded Lace Mitts by Meg Haines look like a beautiful way to showcase the gorgeous colors in variegated sock yarns. My mom suffers from cold hands and these are just what she’s been needing.

The Miya Shawl by Fatima Lasay is absolutely gorgeous. I’m looking forward to starting (and finishing) it this winter as I try to significantly reduce my yarn stash (and add to my wardrobe).

I found this great idea long before I found the yarn: using elasticized sock yarn to make baby headbands. Hooked on Crochet has great directions, and you’ll get a lot of headbands out of one skein.

This Tesselations hat by Tracy St. John is beautiful. Larger sizes call for two skeins, but for the smaller ones you can get away with only one.

I’ve been a fan of Damn It, Janet, Let’s Crochet! since I first discovered her blog some time ago. Her Tunisian Make-Up Baggy just found its way to the top of my to-make-for-me list as it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, and her photo tutorials make assembly easy!

I’ve tried broomstick lace a time or two without much success. These Broomstick Lace Wristlets are going to convince me to give it another go!

Andey’s Neck Warmer looks like another great way to showcase more of those beautiful variegated colors so popular in sock yarns. Finish it off with chunky buttons to add to the appeal.

I. Love. Turtles. And this Turtle Tape Measure Cover! Enough said. Directions call for a size 10 thread, but I think I’ll be trying it with a sock yarn.

And last but not least, this Barbie Crochet Circle Jacket, perfect for using up those pretty little scraps and perfect for keeping Barbie warm.


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The Great Halloween Giveaway!

You might’ve seen my Halloween hair bows in a previous post. I love them and I think they’re adorable. I don’t have any little girls available to wear them, but you might! So here are three ways to enter to win:

1. Follow the Blog. If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can follow with your email address.

2. Like the Facebook page.

3. Share the Facebook post with your friends.

The winner will be announced Friday evening. That’s not much time, so hurry!


Exciting Things!

Guess who has business cards? This girl! They arrived Saturday direct from


I am very pleased, with quality, price, and the speed with which they were received.

I haven’t been quite up to snuff lately, so I pulled out my ribbons, clips and glue gun and got busy finishing Halloween and Thanksgiving hair bows so I can put all of my focus into Christmas bows for the upcoming craft show.



I’m all kinds of excited about the fact that I’ve started using one ribbon to cover the clip and another for the bow. I’m making strides, people, even if they are slow, set-in-my-ways, things-MUST-match kinda strides.


Some of my Christmas ribbons. Aren’t they adorable? I have a scarf or two or three in the works, and a lot of ideas, but not a lot of time to get them accomplished. I’m hoping to be more regular about finishing things and taking pictures and blogging and updating Etsy. We’ll see.

Halloween bows are on Etsy as of now, so swing over and get them!

You’re the pnutbtr

I remember marveling over my mother’s grocery list when I was just learning to read. It made absolutely no sense. I’m pretty sure everyone abbreviates their grocery list. You know what you wrote, right? That’s all that matters.


*I’ve been busy with work, gardening, and trying to get my craftiness together for the upcoming craft show. I’m slowly getting pictures made and things posted on Etsy. Keep checking back for more!