Creating a Craft Fair

Among the 40 bazillion other things I have in the fire, I got the bright idea to start a craft fair. I live in the perfect location, it’s absolutely ideal, with a large crafting community. It’s early enough in the year that I can still advertise, I know several people who are behind the idea one hundred percent, I’ve got the perfect location. It’s great.

I’ve never done this before, okay?

There’s nothing special about that, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve never done before. I have three or four almost confirmed vendors, my sister is going to have a booth, I’m going to mix some of my stuff in with hers (shh!), it’ll be great. I’m researching and trying to come up with the few hard-and-fast rules we’re going to have.

I have a name. I have a press release. I have a location.

It’s going to be a simple thing. I’m not in it for profit. I’m in it to get an opportunity to purchase Christmas presents from local people like me.