Fairy Garden Beginnings

I might be late, but I’m jumping onto the fairy garden bandwagon with my own take on things: herbs! There has been a veritable craze of fairy gardening going on in the garden world and I’ve been trying to resist. The idea of a tiny garden keeps growing on me though. I’m not interested in the furniture or the houses, or the fixings of many gardens, though I am contemplating the addition of a few stepping stones.


Many fairy gardens seem full after planting, but because I’m going with herbs and I do intend to harvest them, I wanted to leave room for mine to spread.


I chose Corsican mint as my fairy carpet. Though invasive like all mints, it is labeled as a slow grower. It will eventually have tiny light purple blooms and spread a good bit.


Roman Chamomile has intrigued me for sometime, especially once I learned it is the variety used for tea. German Chamomile, the variety for which you can usually find seeds, is grown strictly for its flowers. I’m using it as a large flowering shrub in my garden,

IMG_9297 IMG_9296

Basil will be my “trees”, I have both Red Rubin and the sweet Basil. The red for some color and contrast, the green because I’m interested in pesto. Purple pesto might be weird.


English Thyme is another one of my shrubberies. It tends to spill more than I would like, so I’ve braided mine into a more upright shape.


Hyssop is cool. So I’m growing hyssop. It’s going to be another flowering shrub.


And Lavender. I love Lavender. The smell, the flower, everything. It’s my favorite herb. It’s going to be more of an upright tree/shrub type thing.

I can’t wait until things have filled out and adapted to their new environment a little bit.

fairy garden layout

Layout, neither exact nor to scale, but to give you a decent idea of how I’ve placed my herbs.