It has been nearly a month

This happens every single time I blog. I start out with the best of intentions, at least a post every single week, I tell myself. I tell myself. Then life happens, and when life happens, the blog seems to be the first thing out the window with laundry landing smack dab on top of it. So when life pauses for a moment and I can recollect, the laundry has to be moved before I can find the blog.

My life has been busy. The work. The shooting class. The never-ending need and desire for more sleep than I have. The eating habit. It has left me with little or no motivation to blog. I crochet, starting project after project (and I even finished one today!). I photograph, shooting class after shooting class and snow, too. I’ve had this tremendous ache for sunrises lately, so if I ever get up early enough to stop and take pictures on the way to work, I’ll continue to photograph those as well. I have thoughts and ideas and I am overwhelmed with characters, but I have no time. I’ve promised myself a summer off, just one job, no classes. Until then I’m being overwhelmed with creativity and drudging along in the same crochet paths I’ve drudged before. Until then I will attempt to remain constant. Trying ever so hard to carpe diem instead of sleeping, napping, or watching netflix during my two hours of free time.