Monday Night Sewing


This was my view at my sewing class last night. Twice monthly 5th-8th grade 4-H’ers get together at the extension office and I get to teach the girls to sew! It’s one of my favorite and definitely one of the more rewarding things I do. And last night, watching how little help they needed (most of it being with cranky machines), seeing how comfortable and familiar they are with a sewing machine, the progress has been amazing. When we started in October half of them had never touched a machine before and sewing was something their grannies did, but not their moms because they “have absolutely no patience”.

In October the class was quiet. The girls were shy. Now the giggling doesn’t stop and I occasionally get hugs as they’re leaving. Last night there were apparently cookies involved and when I arrived there was already some hyper going on.

The class so far has consisted of doll clothes, wherein the girls learned about patterns and pinning, following a given order of things and pressing. Doll quilts, which they’re going crazy over, trying to see who can get her the corners of her 9-patch to match up the best. Bags for the older girls, which I haven’t seen since. And since they were told last night that there are only 4-5 classes left, a frantic searching for a final project to complete.

They. Love. Sewing.

Half of them asked for (and received) a sewing machine for Christmas. They brought them to the class and we made sure they had them threaded right.

This is what it’s all about. Teaching something that’s almost been tossed aside and forgotten in favor of the “in” brands. I love watching the creativity come out. The fabrics they choose to put together in a quilt. The sharing as they all work together to find out why a machine isn’t behaving properly. This is my part of making sure that sewing, the skills, and the desire to make something continues on. This is paying it forward.