How To: Leave a Review on Etsy

I love to browse Etsy. As of right now, there are 1336 items in my list of Items I Love with even more in several other lists. I’d love to own every single one of them, but at the same time then I’d have to figure out where to put them, so it’s probably best to collect them in my lists and treasuries. But browsing Etsy? My favorite. Finding new yarns I have yet to work with? My favorite.

One thing I notice through all of this browsing is that most – if not all – Etsy shops have made many, many more sales than their reviews will show. It doesn’t matter the size of the shop, they will not have as many reviews as they have sales, or even anywhere close to that number.

From my own experience I’ve discovered that many people don’t know how to leave a review. It’s very simple, a series of clicks, but it’s knowing the series and the number and where exactly you’re supposed to end up.

Step One – Log into You should immediately see your homepage. Here’s mine today.

Step One - Main Etsy Page

Click the icon at the top (usually the one with a picture of you)

Step One, Close up

A drop-down tab will appear

Step Two - Hovering

Select “Purchases & Reviews”

Step Two, Hovering Highlighted

This will take you to a screen detailing all of your past purchases. You can also check on items in transit on this particular screen. Here is mine, where you can see my most recent Etsy purchase is a few patterns from Mon Petit Violon. (I’m really looking forward to making these)

Step Three - Purchasing Screen

Scroll downward to the item(s) you would like to review. Sometimes there is a wait period before you are allowed to review an item (even an instant download), so if the owner of the shop is a quick shipper and you absolutely love your purchase, you might still have to wait a few days to leave a review. These are earrings I’ve purchased from Juniper and Ivy. They are still marked as in transit, but I’m able to leave a review if I so choose.

Step Three, Scroll to Item to be Reviewed

I prefer to review items I’ve received and sampled, so I’ll skip over the earrings and move to the next order. Frankincense and Myrrh Body Spray and Lavender and Chamomile Shampoo from Plunk Soap.

Step Four - Choose Item to Review

Before you can actually write a review, you must click the number of stars you would rate the product.

Step Four, Click Stars

Step Five - Write Review

You can change the number of stars at any point in the review process, or even later if you become dissatisfied with the product.

Each item in the order must be reviewed individually.

Step Six - Review Each Item in Your Order

Every honest review you leave helps a shop owner out. It also assists their future customers. For many, positive reviews can be the deciding factor when choosing to make a purchase. Don’t let the lack of know-how keep you from reviewing something you love or something you hate, go do it! And remember, many shops offer discount codes to those who take the time to leave a few stars.



New on Etsy!

I was finally home during some useable daylight yesterday.

Cowrie Shell and Leather necklace.

This is one of my Peas in a Pod necklaces. They’re being sold as a set of two, the perfect friendship gift. Also, this is where two of my felted beads went.

The Granny Square necklace. I have plans to make earrings out of granny squares, too.

Bird’s Nest necklace. This is one of my favorites, both to make and to photograph.

Craft Fair-ing and Soap

My mom and I went to a little craft fair one county, two communities, and one town over this past weekend. We’ve been talking about organizing one in our town, and we were looking for inspiration.

I don’t know about inspiration, but I did find some pretty cool handmade soaps. I love handmade. I love soap. I found Laurel Creek Naturals. And Laurel Creek Naturals has some pretty cool soaps.

I chose The Dirty Gardener, which is a rosemary and mint scented soap with ground oatmeal mixed in; and Daydream Believer, which is lavender and lemongrass scented. I’m always looking for the perfect lavender-scented soap and I love the strong scent of this one. I just took a shower with it and it’s knocking me out as I type.


(excuse my photography, I haven’t been home during much natural daylight. also, it’s been particularly dreary lately)


I just love the shape. And the marbling. And the packaging. And the wonderful smell.


I also found her lip butters! They’re wonderful. I was a little bit worried about the cinnamon one, because my lips have been a little chapped lately, but there was no stinging or anything of the sort. I haven’t tried banana coconut yet, but I’m anxious to.

Owl Hats

Between ravelry and pinterest, I could spend the rest of my life crafting.

Owl hats are my newest thing. This is my favorite pattern. These are my owl hats:


Because I’m crocheting for babies, I’m not really comfortable sewing buttons on for the eyes like the pattern shows, so I made a variation:

with black, make a magic circle, 10 dc, change colors, join, ch1.
with accent color (eye color), 2sc in each dc, change colors, join, ch2.
with white, *dc, 2dc* repeat around, join, finish off.