How To: Leave a Review on Etsy

I love to browse Etsy. As of right now, there are 1336 items in my list of Items I Love with even more in several other lists. I’d love to own every single one of them, but at the same time then I’d have to figure out where to put them, so it’s probably best to collect them in my lists and treasuries. But browsing Etsy? My favorite. Finding new yarns I have yet to work with? My favorite.

One thing I notice through all of this browsing is that most – if not all – Etsy shops have made many, many more sales than their reviews will show. It doesn’t matter the size of the shop, they will not have as many reviews as they have sales, or even anywhere close to that number.

From my own experience I’ve discovered that many people don’t know how to leave a review. It’s very simple, a series of clicks, but it’s knowing the series and the number and where exactly you’re supposed to end up.

Step One – Log into You should immediately see your homepage. Here’s mine today.

Step One - Main Etsy Page

Click the icon at the top (usually the one with a picture of you)

Step One, Close up

A drop-down tab will appear

Step Two - Hovering

Select “Purchases & Reviews”

Step Two, Hovering Highlighted

This will take you to a screen detailing all of your past purchases. You can also check on items in transit on this particular screen. Here is mine, where you can see my most recent Etsy purchase is a few patterns from Mon Petit Violon. (I’m really looking forward to making these)

Step Three - Purchasing Screen

Scroll downward to the item(s) you would like to review. Sometimes there is a wait period before you are allowed to review an item (even an instant download), so if the owner of the shop is a quick shipper and you absolutely love your purchase, you might still have to wait a few days to leave a review. These are earrings I’ve purchased from Juniper and Ivy. They are still marked as in transit, but I’m able to leave a review if I so choose.

Step Three, Scroll to Item to be Reviewed

I prefer to review items I’ve received and sampled, so I’ll skip over the earrings and move to the next order. Frankincense and Myrrh Body Spray and Lavender and Chamomile Shampoo from Plunk Soap.

Step Four - Choose Item to Review

Before you can actually write a review, you must click the number of stars you would rate the product.

Step Four, Click Stars

Step Five - Write Review

You can change the number of stars at any point in the review process, or even later if you become dissatisfied with the product.

Each item in the order must be reviewed individually.

Step Six - Review Each Item in Your Order

Every honest review you leave helps a shop owner out. It also assists their future customers. For many, positive reviews can be the deciding factor when choosing to make a purchase. Don’t let the lack of know-how keep you from reviewing something you love or something you hate, go do it! And remember, many shops offer discount codes to those who take the time to leave a few stars.




I’ve always found it particularly difficult to blog during the summer. There’s always something to do. This year my something to do was taking a break from everything except work in an effort to deal with stresses. I did quite a bit of creating over the summer (though I’m now on forced hiatus from that so I can make myself accomplish several time-sensitive projects) so I’ll hopefully have several yarn and pattern reviews coming up and several other things as well.


Silk and a Struggle With Perfection

There is no challenge in worsted weight acrylic. It is a tool, and a tool only. No longer do I marvel at the colors, the texture is so-so. I find it to be very serviceable for babies and children, because it wears extremely well and it washes extremely well. But there is no challenge and there is no excitement in the yarn itself, only in the pattern.

I purchased a skein of Silk Ribbon Yarn from YarnBabyLLC several months ago. It is green, it is beautiful, and I promptly crocheted it into this thing that was nothing like the thing that was in my head. I grew frustrated, so I put it away.

Not long thereafter Darn Good Yarn was running a promotion for their Mystery Box – 4 skeins of yarn for a little more than half price – a great opportunity to try out some new fibers. I bought, they shipped, it arrived, and lo and behold, two more skeins of Silk Ribbon Yarn. (check out Darn Good Yarn, they have a great ministry)

Now what was I going to do with all of this bulky yarn? Each skein consisted of 50-ish yards, not enough for really anything.

Then I happened upon the Zpagetti Clutch pattern on Ravelry. Designed by Cecily Rosol of Happy Chatter, the pattern calls for a tshirt yarn, but only about 50 yards of it. I decided to try my silk and what a success!


It has been a tremendous challenge for me personally. I struggle with perfectionism. And this silk, with its knotted ends and varying widths has made me let go. I had to. Otherwise I would lose my mind. The stitches are not even, they cannot be. But I think that adds a charm to it, a whimsy, a certain carefree spirit. I need more of that carefree spirit.


I hope to be finishing the last of these today, then working on the finishing and photography process. Listing on Etsy to take place soon after with the option for custom orders. I see them as bridesmaid gifts, personally. What about you?

Creating a Craft Fair

Among the 40 bazillion other things I have in the fire, I got the bright idea to start a craft fair. I live in the perfect location, it’s absolutely ideal, with a large crafting community. It’s early enough in the year that I can still advertise, I know several people who are behind the idea one hundred percent, I’ve got the perfect location. It’s great.

I’ve never done this before, okay?

There’s nothing special about that, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve never done before. I have three or four almost confirmed vendors, my sister is going to have a booth, I’m going to mix some of my stuff in with hers (shh!), it’ll be great. I’m researching and trying to come up with the few hard-and-fast rules we’re going to have.

I have a name. I have a press release. I have a location.

It’s going to be a simple thing. I’m not in it for profit. I’m in it to get an opportunity to purchase Christmas presents from local people like me.

My First Etsy Sale!

I got home Monday after a long, slow, rainy day to find that I had my first Etsy customer! My Cowrie Shell and Leather necklace now has a home.

I’ve had a million different packaging ideas floating through my head. I wanted something cute and unique that would also serve as gift packaging if one were so inclined.


A fabric pouch was what I had decided on. So I cut two rectangles, zigzagged them together on three sides. Then I folded the top down and fastened it with a safety pin.


I then attached my “brand” to the safety pin, and voila. My idea of packaging.


I added a personal thank you note, as recommended, then boxed it up for shipping.

I can’t wait until it’s received!

Monday Night Sewing


This was my view at my sewing class last night. Twice monthly 5th-8th grade 4-H’ers get together at the extension office and I get to teach the girls to sew! It’s one of my favorite and definitely one of the more rewarding things I do. And last night, watching how little help they needed (most of it being with cranky machines), seeing how comfortable and familiar they are with a sewing machine, the progress has been amazing. When we started in October half of them had never touched a machine before and sewing was something their grannies did, but not their moms because they “have absolutely no patience”.

In October the class was quiet. The girls were shy. Now the giggling doesn’t stop and I occasionally get hugs as they’re leaving. Last night there were apparently cookies involved and when I arrived there was already some hyper going on.

The class so far has consisted of doll clothes, wherein the girls learned about patterns and pinning, following a given order of things and pressing. Doll quilts, which they’re going crazy over, trying to see who can get her the corners of her 9-patch to match up the best. Bags for the older girls, which I haven’t seen since. And since they were told last night that there are only 4-5 classes left, a frantic searching for a final project to complete.

They. Love. Sewing.

Half of them asked for (and received) a sewing machine for Christmas. They brought them to the class and we made sure they had them threaded right.

This is what it’s all about. Teaching something that’s almost been tossed aside and forgotten in favor of the “in” brands. I love watching the creativity come out. The fabrics they choose to put together in a quilt. The sharing as they all work together to find out why a machine isn’t behaving properly. This is my part of making sure that sewing, the skills, and the desire to make something continues on. This is paying it forward.

New on Etsy!

I was finally home during some useable daylight yesterday.

Cowrie Shell and Leather necklace.

This is one of my Peas in a Pod necklaces. They’re being sold as a set of two, the perfect friendship gift. Also, this is where two of my felted beads went.

The Granny Square necklace. I have plans to make earrings out of granny squares, too.

Bird’s Nest necklace. This is one of my favorites, both to make and to photograph.