New Year, New Resolutions

Do we ever keep our resolutions? In the past, I have resolved to get organized, to stay organized, to eat better, to exercise more, to lose weight, to destash my stashes, to cut down on my clutter, to start and finish my Christmas shopping early, to blog more, to keep my journal updated with happy things, and I have failed.

So this year I’m going to make it easy. I resolve to be happy, to cut back on stresses, to stop feeling guilty for saying no, I don’t want to. I resolve to communicate more, whether it is here, with my family, or with my friends. I resolve to make more than I buy, to use my cameras more often, and to strongly consider the benefits of a smoothie with/for breakfast. I resolve to consume more vitamin C, and to teach more things more often. And to finish my Christmas shopping early.

What are your resolutions?


A Break

Sometimes a girl just needs a break. My need came from six-day workweeks, from stressful jobs and coworkers, from not enough sleep and too much on my to-do list and laundry that simply wasn’t getting caught up. The creating didn’t stop though, as the following images can attest.


This is an amazing silk yarn from Yarn Baby LLC (my new guilty pleasure), it has since been turned into a scarf/shawl/cowl/belt, but I’m not positive I’m happy with how it turned out, so it may be reworked soon. If not, I’ll post photos once I get my model to cooperate. 😉


Also from Yarn Baby, this is a Polwarth Wool which perfectly matches my bedspread. It has been cowled, and I LOVE it. I’m hoping to get a pattern review up soon because it is gorgeous.


This is my Shades of Sunflowers necklace (now available on Etsy). Malachite, shell and wooden beads hand-wrapped in brass wire are set off by a silver-tone sunflower charm.


I love this bracelet! Hemp, malachite and brass wire, crocheted together for a beachy, summery wrap bracelet. It’ll be available on Etsy soon, I hope.

I have several “new” projects in the works, a few original patterns, etc. I’ll try to stay on top of those while keeping y’all updated on Craft Show planning!

It has been nearly a month

This happens every single time I blog. I start out with the best of intentions, at least a post every single week, I tell myself. I tell myself. Then life happens, and when life happens, the blog seems to be the first thing out the window with laundry landing smack dab on top of it. So when life pauses for a moment and I can recollect, the laundry has to be moved before I can find the blog.

My life has been busy. The work. The shooting class. The never-ending need and desire for more sleep than I have. The eating habit. It has left me with little or no motivation to blog. I crochet, starting project after project (and I even finished one today!). I photograph, shooting class after shooting class and snow, too. I’ve had this tremendous ache for sunrises lately, so if I ever get up early enough to stop and take pictures on the way to work, I’ll continue to photograph those as well. I have thoughts and ideas and I am overwhelmed with characters, but I have no time. I’ve promised myself a summer off, just one job, no classes. Until then I’m being overwhelmed with creativity and drudging along in the same crochet paths I’ve drudged before. Until then I will attempt to remain constant. Trying ever so hard to carpe diem instead of sleeping, napping, or watching netflix during my two hours of free time.

How to Have (and How NOT to Have) a Craft Fair – Part Two


This is probably the most important step I can emphasize.

5. Advertise and publicize. Before you have vendors, advertise. Vendors will come if you advertise. Shoppers might not come if you just seek vendors. Seek out newspapers, radio stations, television stations, if people see it, read it, hear it, seek it. Write a press release, write two. Submit them everywhere you can think of. Offer interviews, write articles, tell everyone you know. Post flyers everywhere you’re allowed to, well in advance. Talk it up, inform the public. You owe it to your vendors, the people you expect to pay to set up, to have a well-traveled, well-publicized event. I’ve never been outstandingly comfortable in talking to the masses about something I’m doing or have done. Never. But this past weekend has shown me that I owe it to these people who have given of their time and money to show up. I fully intend to set the date before the first of the year and set up a publicity plan soon after. I plan to begin heavily publicizing in August, a full three months before the event.

6. Measure your space and draw out a diagram. Graph paper is one of my best friends and it will be one of yours as well. Decide on the size of space you will be renting. I chose 8×8′, but it’s not uncommon for spaces to be 10×10. Next year I intend for spaces to be larger, as I think the 10×10 space will make it more convenient to accommodate 8′ tables. Figure out how many spaces your room will allow and determine whether it will be possible to attain additional spaces – whether outdoors or in other rooms – in the event of a larger than anticipated response. Keep in mind that this diagram is a set of guidelines and guidelines only. Plan for last minute changes and adjustments and be prepared to roll with whatever happens, because it will happen.

7. Make sure your correct contact information is out there. Give your preferred method of contact out, but also include your phone number because there will be those people who only communicate by phone and because there will be those people who need an a quick answer right then and there. If you don’t check your messages or if you live with your parents, make sure you give out your cell number. Otherwise your mother will be stuck on the phone for several several minutes, multiple times in a row, discussing something she doesn’t know the answer to.

Planning a craft fair? Check out Part One here and stay tuned for the rest of the series this week!

Pallet craft – it’s everywhere!

Pepperbox Couture

Last week I made the smallest contribution to the pallet craze I could think off…… A table lamp……..

Let me start at the beginning – My sister’s FABULOUS coffee business Cargo Coffee just moved from an outside (open to all the elements) site to a partially enclosed site on Fort Street in Auckland, NZ.. She had spent the last few months been busying the troops with moving duties and building a pallet wall, during which – she enlisted us on pallet runs……… to score free-cycle materials to transform the space into a chic stylish little spot.


Below is the ‘before’ state of the space.


One day’s progress…. Sheets of Ply went up to close in the space and provide a base for the pallet wall, and prep work was done on the deck.


Here is a Pallet shot of the wall in progress


Moving day


Below is a final shot…

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Pieces of my Garden

My garden is currently scattered out across a backyard, a front yard, a screened-in porch, a breezeway, the back steps, and a couple of pots. I’m experimenting with several different things, lemongrass (which thrives in extremely hot sun, apparently), several different herbs in a fairy garden setting; ferns, succulents, and the propagation thereof, perennials for sun and shade, a few buckets of annuals, and whatever else I happen to bring home. These are my most major successes.


My Lemon Belle Sedum


Marigolds beside the back steps


My “Homerun” KnockOut Rose


And again


“Chapel Hill” Lantana


Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower “Blue Mist”)

I almost have more fun with the photography than I do with the planting 😉