Maybe you haven’t heard about the arctic temperatures that have been occupying the majority of the United States the past few days. Maybe you haven’t.

It was -5.7 degrees when I woke up this morning. I live in Tennessee. Tennessee, okay? It’s not supposed to get that cold here. I ventured out after breakfast (in my house shoes and my sister’s coat [because stupid me left mine in my car Saturday night thinking it would warm up again before I had to leave the house…and my car is now frozen shut]) to take pictures (at 0 degrees) and before I had been out for five minutes, my hands were actually hurting from the cold.

Consequently, it’s a great day to stay inside. Catch up on laundry, work on the sock I’m making with my sock loom, take a nap, watch 1000 episodes of Boy Meets World, and play around on Pinterest. Check out my boards, show me yours, it’s a great time to be on Pinterest because over half the country is too cold to go outside!


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