How to Have (and How NOT to Have) a Craft Fair – Part Four

Christmas decor available for purchase at the show

Christmas decor available for purchase at the show

Congratulations! You’re now well on the way to your first craft fair. You’re organized, you’re advertised, you’re publicized, and most importantly, you have vendors.

11. Follow up with your vendors. Send them an email, call, just touch base and make sure they’re well and good (and haven’t forgotten) and you’re all on the same page. Some will need directions and that brings me to the next one.

12. SIGNS. Make signs or have them made, I don’t know your budget. But you will need signs. Put them at the obvious places, the entrance to your venue, the turnoff from the main road, the interstate exit. Cover all possible entrances to your town, your main road, your venue. If your community has signs announcing community events, have yours up there. If you have a church group attending, have them mention it on their sign. Signs are going to be the last reminder that something is going on and people need to be there. They’ll also help out-of-towners locate the event.

13. Out of town vendors. Suggest motel/hotels, restaurants, sights to see, town attractions, etc. Pick up some pamphlets from the Chamber of Commerce, mention how great the fajitas are at your favorite restaurant, let them in on some of you town’s main attractions. You are basically the welcome wagon for this particular event and going out of your way can mean a lot.

Planning a craft fair? Check out the rest of this series here!


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