The Truth of The Matter

Honestly, I am overwhelmed.

To begin with, I have a tendency to bring plants home from work. It’s a serious problem. But apparently it affects everyone who works at the garden center. My only problem is that my plants tend to leave my car and find their (semi) permanent home somewhere on the ground (sometimes) somewhere near where I intend for them to live. There they exist until supreme guilt sets in and I plant and water them. And there they struggle on until I get around to mulching them (still hasn’t completely happened). And then more plants half-die, or something new I just have to have comes in, and the process starts all over. Self control is an issue, it seems.

And then there is the issue of the vegetable garden. I’m an avid planter, and an avid eater, but not an avid picker or weeder. I have plenty of fall and winter seed to get into the ground, but my extremely late squash plants are blooming profusely so I don’t want to pull them up yet.

The squash blooms naturally bring me to the honeybees which seem to be doing well though I haven’t inspected recently. I should, as well as treat for varroa mites and begin preparing them for the winter. It’s on the to-do list, long and never ending.

Christmas presents. I have an itch to get my shopping started and finished. What do you give a brother in the Navy? On a ship?

Writing. I used to write. The thirst for putting words on paper was in my blood. But two completed books, three or four or five halves of books, trying to force myself to put words on paper, it quenched my thirst and was no more. There is an inkling coming back. I don’t want to scare it by jumping in too soon, so I intend to nurture it along gently.

To top my whole pile of overwhelmed off, I’m coordinating a craft fair in November, also setting up a booth to sell my wares. I have yet to figure out exactly which wares to focus on, much less create a stockpile of such wares.

And yet, every single morning (or five days a week, to be honest) I get to drive to work looking at a sunrise so breathtaking my camera won’t do it justice. And everything is not only okay, it is good. It is well.


One response to “The Truth of The Matter

  1. well, I’m with ya on getting Christmas for somebody in the service. And he’s on ground and in a HOUSE!!! Will he have access to a computer of his own? He might can download books. If he likes that ( I dont!! ) But that is a really good question!!

    You plant problem sounds a lot like mine. My intentions get me going but it doesn’t keep me motivated. My sunflowers, the red ones, the rain pretty much killed. But my other plants, well, they went..ICK…sick looking. My fault of course. I gathered them all up together yesterday to try to start loving the again. i SQUEALED with delight when I went to the area of the yard where I keep my planting stuff and lo and behold…..last years mums were BLOOMING!!!!!! My heart was overjoyed!! Mind you they dont look like what you see in the stores, but they are mine and they REBLOOMED> one only has one shoot with a tiny flower!!! HAHAHA But it BLOOMED!
    Our bee problems was always moths.
    And I think about any of your wares would sell fine 😉

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