Things That Never Fail

If you (I), go to a library book sale, you (I) will end up buying more books than you can possibly read in your (my) busy, day-to-day life. Not counting the ones you (I) have at home, unread, from the last book sale.

If you (I) decide not to start anymore projects until you (I) have finished a few of your (my) unfinished projects, the only thing you (I) will see on pinterest is projects that need started.

If you (I) go on a diet, suddenly everyone is eating all of these delicious amazing foods that you (I) cannot have.

If you (I) determine not to purchase any more yarn until you (I) have found a purpose for the yarn you (I) already have, your (my) mother will give you (me) her entire yarn stash.

If you (I) make a resolution to de-stress, everything will conspire against us.

If you (I) decide you’ve (me again) taken on too much and you (I) will not bring home another single plant until all of the other plants are planted and mulched, you’ll (I’ll) be offered free plants. (y’all should see my heaps of liriope and mondo grass)

If you (I) resolve to save as much money as possible, suddenly there are amazing sales on bee supplies. And if you (I) plan on expanding your (my) apiary interests by two hives next spring, you (and I) must take advantage of things like free shipping on orders of $100 or more over at Mann Lake Ltd.

*this has not been a commercial


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