Pieces of my Garden

My garden is currently scattered out across a backyard, a front yard, a screened-in porch, a breezeway, the back steps, and a couple of pots. I’m experimenting with several different things, lemongrass (which thrives in extremely hot sun, apparently), several different herbs in a fairy garden setting; ferns, succulents, and the propagation thereof, perennials for sun and shade, a few buckets of annuals, and whatever else I happen to bring home. These are my most major successes.


My Lemon Belle Sedum


Marigolds beside the back steps


My “Homerun” KnockOut Rose


And again


“Chapel Hill” Lantana


Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower “Blue Mist”)

I almost have more fun with the photography than I do with the planting 😉


4 responses to “Pieces of my Garden

  1. I actually got to plant some flowers this year. Mainly sunflowers, but I love those. 2 different kinds of yellow and 2 different kinds of red. Plus the usual Mammoth type. Jimmy has all these plans for building, etc that I dont have a lot of choices of spaces. Yeah, on 5 acres of property!! lol Plus a lot of mine would have to be shade plants.
    I always enjoy looking at your photography!

    • I want to plant some sunflowers, they’re my favorite! Just haven’t figured out a good location for them yet. I’m going to have to figure out how to get attached to shade plants, just because we have so much of it!

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