Pinterest Projects

I had lunch with a friend the other day (the best salad ever!) and we got to talking about how everyone is so busy pinning that they don’t have time to be DOING. I’m at least as guilty of it as the next person. I can spend a good amount of time on pinterest when I’m in the mood. My “Things to Make” board currently has 662 pins and I’m just about guaranteed to add at least one more every time I look at my feed.

I don’t want to live my life as a Pinner though. I want to be a Doer. In that interest, I’m going to attempt to actually do at least one thing from my Pinterest a week. Work is about to pick up and it’ll be five days of nonstop 9-6, but I’m going to try.

Last week I did this one, making felted beads from wool roving. I’ve been extremely pleased with the results, using two of the beads I made in a necklace design that I’ll be posting as soon as I ever have access to some natural light. I’m also planning to experiment with some earring designs soon.

This coming project is going to be very simple and also very cute. Plus I have two baby showers (for totally unrelated people) in the near future that I’ll need to package gifts for. I love the idea. I got my gift bag from Hobby Lobby for $.99, and my paper was half off. I intend to cut my triangles and then sew them together on the sewing machine before attaching them with glue sticks. This is also the perfect opportunity to make some sort of gift tags!

But before I hammer out all of the details on that, I have two baby showers to make gifts for.


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