Craft Fair-ing and Soap

My mom and I went to a little craft fair one county, two communities, and one town over this past weekend. We’ve been talking about organizing one in our town, and we were looking for inspiration.

I don’t know about inspiration, but I did find some pretty cool handmade soaps. I love handmade. I love soap. I found Laurel Creek Naturals. And Laurel Creek Naturals has some pretty cool soaps.

I chose The Dirty Gardener, which is a rosemary and mint scented soap with ground oatmeal mixed in; and Daydream Believer, which is lavender and lemongrass scented. I’m always looking for the perfect lavender-scented soap and I love the strong scent of this one. I just took a shower with it and it’s knocking me out as I type.


(excuse my photography, I haven’t been home during much natural daylight. also, it’s been particularly dreary lately)


I just love the shape. And the marbling. And the packaging. And the wonderful smell.


I also found her lip butters! They’re wonderful. I was a little bit worried about the cinnamon one, because my lips have been a little chapped lately, but there was no stinging or anything of the sort. I haven’t tried banana coconut yet, but I’m anxious to.


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