Helter Skelter

My schedule seems to have fallen all to pieces this week. Three classes, two taught and one learned; four days of work, church, sleep. It’s left remarkably little time for the fun stuff in life.

My sewing class girls are doing amazing things. Two of them have finished their 18-inch doll dresses and are starting on doll quilts. One cracks me up, she’s hilarious. She wanted to make a doll dress so bad, but before she was halfway through she decided it wasn’t her thing. Apparently quilting is her thing. I’ve never seen a kid so determined to get a straight seam!

I have more yarn for more crocheted dishcloths in springy colors! I’m excited about that. Not excited about waiting to work on them.

I’m knee-deep into a baby afghan I need to have finished by March 23rd. I found my color inspiration at Hobby Lobby whilst idly trying to pick a color scheme. My predetermined idea of two different shades of purple and two different shades of gray was undermined by the fact that they only had one shade of gray at the time. So my darling sister found this.
I found some Red Heart yarn and I Love This Yarn that matched almost perfectly. I prefer those brands over the more luxurious, more expensive ones because they seem to hold up best with repeated washings and I want anything I make to be USED and loved.

I’m playing around with the idea of a Honeybee Garden, trying to get one planned out and planted right around or just before the time I get my first hive going this year. I’ve researched and read about flowers and things and I think I’ve got my location figured out, so we’ll see.


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