Silk and a Struggle With Perfection

There is no challenge in worsted weight acrylic. It is a tool, and a tool only. No longer do I marvel at the colors, the texture is so-so. I find it to be very serviceable for babies and children, because it wears extremely well and it washes extremely well. But there is no challenge and there is no excitement in the yarn itself, only in the pattern.

I purchased a skein of Silk Ribbon Yarn from YarnBabyLLC several months ago. It is green, it is beautiful, and I promptly crocheted it into this thing that was nothing like the thing that was in my head. I grew frustrated, so I put it away.

Not long thereafter Darn Good Yarn was running a promotion for their Mystery Box – 4 skeins of yarn for a little more than half price – a great opportunity to try out some new fibers. I bought, they shipped, it arrived, and lo and behold, two more skeins of Silk Ribbon Yarn. (check out Darn Good Yarn, they have a great ministry)

Now what was I going to do with all of this bulky yarn? Each skein consisted of 50-ish yards, not enough for really anything.

Then I happened upon the Zpagetti Clutch pattern on Ravelry. Designed by Cecily Rosol of Happy Chatter, the pattern calls for a tshirt yarn, but only about 50 yards of it. I decided to try my silk and what a success!


It has been a tremendous challenge for me personally. I struggle with perfectionism. And this silk, with its knotted ends and varying widths has made me let go. I had to. Otherwise I would lose my mind. The stitches are not even, they cannot be. But I think that adds a charm to it, a whimsy, a certain carefree spirit. I need more of that carefree spirit.


I hope to be finishing the last of these today, then working on the finishing and photography process. Listing on Etsy to take place soon after with the option for custom orders. I see them as bridesmaid gifts, personally. What about you?

A Break

Sometimes a girl just needs a break. My need came from six-day workweeks, from stressful jobs and coworkers, from not enough sleep and too much on my to-do list and laundry that simply wasn’t getting caught up. The creating didn’t stop though, as the following images can attest.


This is an amazing silk yarn from Yarn Baby LLC (my new guilty pleasure), it has since been turned into a scarf/shawl/cowl/belt, but I’m not positive I’m happy with how it turned out, so it may be reworked soon. If not, I’ll post photos once I get my model to cooperate. ;)


Also from Yarn Baby, this is a Polwarth Wool which perfectly matches my bedspread. It has been cowled, and I LOVE it. I’m hoping to get a pattern review up soon because it is gorgeous.


This is my Shades of Sunflowers necklace (now available on Etsy). Malachite, shell and wooden beads hand-wrapped in brass wire are set off by a silver-tone sunflower charm.


I love this bracelet! Hemp, malachite and brass wire, crocheted together for a beachy, summery wrap bracelet. It’ll be available on Etsy soon, I hope.

I have several “new” projects in the works, a few original patterns, etc. I’ll try to stay on top of those while keeping y’all updated on Craft Show planning!

It has been nearly a month

This happens every single time I blog. I start out with the best of intentions, at least a post every single week, I tell myself. I tell myself. Then life happens, and when life happens, the blog seems to be the first thing out the window with laundry landing smack dab on top of it. So when life pauses for a moment and I can recollect, the laundry has to be moved before I can find the blog.

My life has been busy. The work. The shooting class. The never-ending need and desire for more sleep than I have. The eating habit. It has left me with little or no motivation to blog. I crochet, starting project after project (and I even finished one today!). I photograph, shooting class after shooting class and snow, too. I’ve had this tremendous ache for sunrises lately, so if I ever get up early enough to stop and take pictures on the way to work, I’ll continue to photograph those as well. I have thoughts and ideas and I am overwhelmed with characters, but I have no time. I’ve promised myself a summer off, just one job, no classes. Until then I’m being overwhelmed with creativity and drudging along in the same crochet paths I’ve drudged before. Until then I will attempt to remain constant. Trying ever so hard to carpe diem instead of sleeping, napping, or watching netflix during my two hours of free time.

NEW on Etsy!

It’s about time, right? I think I’ve spoken about my good intentions and bad follow through before. If we add that to two jobs, one at 40 hours a week, the other at 12ish, my inability to say no, two shooting classes at roughly 1.5-2 hours each, and the fact that I really really enjoy sleeping and eating, I don’t have much time left in my week for the things I really want to do. But I’m trying, I promise! I’m nearly finished with the first (of many, I’m sure) Eloise sweater by Moogly and I am positively loving it. I can’t wait to review the pattern and show you the photos. It’s been an excellent stash buster project and I intend to make a matching Bobble Poof hat to finish up the last little bits of color. This one has been earmarked for a favorite little girl, but I hope to be making more soon because they are just so cute! I’m really hoping to have several different sweaters to feature at the craft show later this year.

And now onto the latest finished projects. These first two key chain sets, Gomez and Morticia and Lucy and Ethel are for sale on Etsy already. I’ll try to get the others up at some time this week, but if you’re dying to have one or the other, let me know and I’ll arrange for it.







Couples are on my mind obviously with Valentine’s coming up, but best friends are always present. These pairs stood out most in my head, with a few more to come as I sort through beads. ;)


The Kindle

With dreams on the horizon I purchased a kindle. I think I’m in love. It’s so small and smooth and portable. Definitely a must for ebook reading (and ebook writing, I hope). Until I purchase a keyboard for it, I don’t think it will prove best for blogging, but it’s certainly easier to work from than my phone. My favorite use so far is viewing my crochet patterns online while watching a movie on my laptop. I have keychains coming in a little bit, both here, on Etsy, and on the Facebook page. I’m also planning an Easter giveaway featuring some lovely Easter bonnets, so stay tuned!

Busting the Stash

After going on a recent organizing spree (not induced by my mother at all…) I’ve concluded I have too much. Too much yarn and too many books to be specific. Possibly too many socks as well, but that’s a problem I will gladly live with. I’ve tried to make a stack of giveaway books. It never works. I’m emotionally attached to every single one of them. The yarn though, the yarn I can work through.

I’ve promised myself that I will not buy any more yarn UNLESS IT IS FOR A SPECIFIC PROJECT I WILL MAKE RIGHT THEN AND THERE until I’ve cut down on my stash.

To that end, I’m participating in my first crochet-a-long by Moogly. With one block every other Thursday I figure I have to be able to work that into my schedule. I’m also going pattern crazy and my Ravelry favorites grow every time I have a spare minute to browse. There’s just so much to make! I’m looking forward to developing a decent stock and variety for the next craft fair, even though it’s not until November. Bags, sweaters, dishcloths, towels, hats, I need to figure out what looks good together and what makes sense. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. As usual, items that are not made to give away will be posted to my Etsy shop!